Information Sharing: Accessibility to any real-time source, like cameras, application data, and more.

Systems that make collaboration effortless and reduced time to clear hazards.

Disaster recovery & remote location backup capability via active-active environments; Military-grade security.

Drones and mobile device integration deliver eyes in the sky and on the ground.

Event-Driven Visual Intelligence for timely & efficient operational response.

Cross-Functional Situational Awareness

Secure Transparency

Share what’s needed with other collaborating agencies, without sacrificing control of your content and communications, or exposing entire systems.

Activu visability manages your visual information sources as broadly, or granular as you require, empowering emergency teams to only share what’s most important, with those who need to see it.

Any Visual Content, Anywhere

Realtime cameras & video feeds, documents, dashboards, realtime workstation screens, and more. If it can be seen, visability allows you to see or send it anywhere: video walls, conference room displays, workstations, remote laptops, mobile devices in the field, and virtual video walls called Spaces.

Coordinating the mission in realtime between different systems and agencies becomes seamless with Activu visability.

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