Experts, Experienced in Sensitive Environments.

Software Accredited for
Highly Secure Networks.

Approved Contractor to
the Federal Government.

Activu Federal Solutions Group

With a staff averaging of more than 18 years experience building collaborative data wall solutions, the Activu Federal Solutions Group brings a trusted record of accomplishment to each project. All Activu staff are Subject Matter Experts in their roles finding, implementing, and sustaining the right solution for each customer’s needs.

Activu staff regularly work in sensitive networks, and have the proper experience and focus to handle the difficult nature of working in this environment. We have a whiteboard-driven discovery process that allows Activu to engineer based on the needs of the situation, as opposed to responding generically to a specification which may not grasp what is required in implementing a collaborative datawall in a SCIF.

Most SCIFs have a transient staff. We build a custom support plan that will include preventative maintenance, emergency visits, and ongoing professional development. We are committed to the long term success of our implementations and of our customers. In fact, all our systems are flexible in nature and are constantly changing based on the needs brought to our clients in a very unstable worlds.

Activu Federal Team

Senior-level team, proven success on countless projects over many years.

360° Process: Consultation, Design, Implement, Maintain

Our team’s extensive experience helps us anticipate challenges, well before they can impact the project.

Activu has implemented thousands of datawall projects.

Activu invented modern video walls, and bring 37 years of insight making them work usefully.

Experts in:



Government Contracting

Government Funding


The Activu Federal Solutions Team brings a mastery of the technologies needed to implement a design approved for government classified networks.

Activu products have met DoDIN Information Assurance standards and are included in the USAF APL. Our team is accustomed to working through the approval process with customers, and will assist with any and all approval processes.

Activu is not only a consultative integrator, Activu is a manufacturer. The Activu software we install is very mature, developed by Activu’s completely U.S.-based software team in Rockaway, NJ. Through close partnership with customers over the last two decades, Activu continually builds new, innovative, and industry-leading capabilities along a forward-looking roadmap.

Activu Federal Solutions

Activu provides TAA-compliant solutions meeting DFARS standards.

Activu sources hardware & partners in the USA.

Custom solutions based on individual project & mission needs.

Available on Dell® computing platforms.


For over 20 years, Activu has focused on collaborative datawalls, building 50-100 of them annually. Our organization continues to grow, even in times of national and global crisis, consistently delivering outstanding products and experiences, and supporting our customers’ evolving needs. The stability and reliability of Activu’s business is evident in the performance of our products, services, and consulting teams.

Activu Systems are implemented in multiple domains.


USAF has many locations that use fully redundant equipment on multiple networks that have the ability to share visual data to multiple spaces including datawalls, remote desktops, conference rooms, and other facilities.

DHS has multiple locations that monitor everything from Social Media to Air Traffic Control and World events.  They not only work on localized events but also focus on protecting government networks.


USAF ISR teams are able to manage their own intelligence and video information, securely, based on who needs to see the information.

Border Security

CBP uses Activu for full situational awareness including localized missions, cyber threats, and media driven issues.

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