This Activu customer is one of the largest, most recognizable brands in the world. Their facilities host tens of millions of visitors each year across sporting events, concerts, rallies, and even function as critical shelters and treatment centers during regional disasters. Additionally, this league owns web, broadcast, and communications networks that reach billions around the world, while also exposing the organization to global cyber threats and electronic crimes.

For all its local and international impact, exposure, and responsibility, the league runs a surprisingly nimble security operation, tailored for efficiency in the control room. Their GSOC is the organization’s proactive 911 center—constantly monitoring every realtime global threat aimed at any facility, network, transportation, or person; employed, hosted, or managed by the organization. Fans, teams and players, musicians and performers, political leaders, and people displaced by disaster are all protected from physical and cyber threats by the work of this control room. The security operation intercepts and manages countless incoming threats from the U.S. and abroad—from the most serious risks like travel hazards, kidnapping, and threats to personnel and facilities, to others like cyber intrusions, email hacking and scams, ticketing fraud, counterfeit merchandise, and more.

An additional threat no one had anticipated was the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-’21. Forcing teams to work remotely and socially distanced in the control room, this security threat instantly proved the extraordinary value of moving realtime visual information from anywhere to anywhere, seamlessly.

The massive responsibility of managing all this results in millions of possible risks and alarms, that require efficient triage, in order for the enterprise to take appropriate action on legitimate threats, for timely resolution.


This sports league chose Activu vis/ability for their demanding security operation and all-encompassing critical mission. As a hub for all incoming realtime information at the GSOC, vis/ability provides the flexibility and speed necessary to efficiently consume these vast streams of intelligence flowing in every second to the control room. The small footprint of this organization’s security operation is only possible thanks to the power and efficiency of the Activu solution.

With the ability to display any visual information from anywhere to the control room video wall, conference rooms, or workstations, the GSOC quickly slices visual intelligence into manageable groups of related content through vis/ability. This allows their security experts to monitor critical sources during regular operations, and customize their views for a team approach or breakout groups during times of heightened event activity. This fluid movement of visual content ensures the right people are seeing what they need to when making timely, critical decisions, while ensuring regular operations continue seamlessly throughout the control room.


The league’s security operation is in very good hands, and continues to grow smarter and more efficient under the guidance of their elite leaders and teams, using Activu’s best-of-breed platform, support, and services.

As the group’s security responsibility evolves to address the dynamic threat landscape, Activu’s minimal hardware footprint and software-based vis/ability platform ensure that adding a workstation—or room of workstations in a different location entirely—is as simple as a software install and secure network access. Vis/ability removes barriers, allowing subject-matter experts and collaborators to see a workstation’s critical content on the video wall, another workstation, or a secure remote conference room anywhere.

Entrusted with the security of a global organization, local governments, and regular citizens, this world-class GSOC is well-positioned to defend a broad mission mandate through the unique lens of vis/ability; the Event-Driven Visual Intelligence platform.

About Activu

Vis/ability makes any information visible, collaborative, and proactive for people tasked with monitoring critical operations. Users of the platform see, share, and respond to events in real time, with context, to improve incident response, decision-making, and management. Activu software, solutions, and services benefit the daily lives of billions of people around the globe. Founded in 1983 as the first U.S.-based company to develop command center visualization technology, more than 1,300 control rooms depend on Activu.