Proactive, Up-to-Date, Informative Peace of Mind.

Start Knowing What You Don’t Know

Efficiency starts with understanding. Activu offers a System Utilization Analysis, to establish your operation’s technical and usage baseline. Activu experts can then Optimize your system’s usage, processes, and setup, ensuring your team benefits from the most efficient operational environment possible.


Software Upgrades, Standard

Whether installed on-site, or in the cloud, all Activu software comes with free software version Upgrades* for customers on a current ActivCare support plan. This ensures systems are up-to-date and users continue to access the newest tools and innovations added to the platform.


Remote Monitoring & System Maintenance

ActivCare Remote Monitoring continuously observes the visability Platform to ensure all system components are operational, and proactively alerts users and
administrators to any issues that might affect system performance.

Additionally, Activu experts can remotely Maintain customer systems to ensure they stay in peak condition. Combined, these remote services are the fastest, most reliable way to ensure critical operations remain functioning at optimal levels, consistently.

Nexus: The Clearest Window Inside

The Nexus web interface includes comprehensive platform-wide system Monitoring, with the ability for admins to monitor all computers in a visability system, and all the visability components installed on those machines. Complete system observability and specialized presentation of critical configuration information allows for better management of installs & resources.

Comprehensive Training

Remote Training, and a growing library of training materials are at your fingertips, as well as the option to schedule In-Person and Multi-Day training sessions, for teams with more specialized needs.

ActivCare Support Levels

Team Support
Phone Support
24/7 Support
Email Support
Online Support via Web
Guaranteed Response Time
Onsite Emergency Visits* + +
Software Support
Software Revisions (point releases)
Major software version Upgrades
Nexus Admin Tool
Hardware Support
Logistical Support for Hardware
Extended HW Warranty**
On-site HW Preventative Maintenance up to 1 up to 2 up to 2
Proactive & Remote
System Utilization Analysis
System Optimization
Remote Monitoring
OS/System Management
Remote Training
On-site Training
* Gold and Platinum include 2 Onsite Emergency Visits, standard. Customers may choose to add more coverage, for increased peace-of-mind.
Includes the upgraded software, and remote labor to install it. Excludes labor, travel, and expenses if an Activu technician is required on-site to facilitate the upgrade.
** Extended warranty option only available starting from year 1 of a new hardware install. Coverage protects only hardware which Activu has specified and installed.

If you have a support issue, please contact the support team: