Activu Video Wall Control is more than a piece of hardware.


Activu’s video wall control offers the most unique & flexible solution for control room video walls & critical operations.

  • Add workstations with a simple software install, no extra hardware.
  • Reliable clustering and redundancy, via mirroring.


Military-strength security and reliability, built into every Activu system and solution.

  • The only on-premise solution certified for use in highly secure environments, including the United States government.
  • Integrated permissions management: the right people focus on the right information.


Change Activu video wall content in real-time, without specialists or special hardware, with Activu visability.

  • View, share, & collaborate information of any type on any device seamlessly–display walls, workstations, remote laptops, or mobile devices.

Major-brand hardware offers the best value, performance, reliability, and support.

Activu is has been designing, building, and supporting Activu Video Walls in Control Rooms, Command Centers, and SCIFs for more than 40 years.

Activu has installed more than 1300 Activu Control Room Video Walls. Utilities, Transportation Agencies, Emergency Operations, Security Operations, Governments and the Military, including the US Department of Defense and DHS entrust their most critical operations, control rooms, breakout rooms, crisis rooms, and huddle spaces to Activu’s platform and solutions.

A video wall managed by an Activu video wall controller.
A video wall in a control room by Activu.
An Activu server rack, housing video wall controllers and other equipment.

Activu’s video wall control solution combines major-brand hardware with our industry-leading video wall software, visability, for the most flexible solution in any control room.

Harness the Power of Your Network, with Activu

A diagram of a network, brought together by Activu software and video wall controllers.

All Your Activu Video Wall and Control Room Resources in One Place

Resources available to a control room video wall, enabled by Activu software and video wall controllers.

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