An Activu Video Wall is a digital display where people see real-time information, monitoring the state of systems and places critical to the operation of an organization.

This is a video wall.

Activu: The Video Wall Leader for 4 Decades

Many organizations and enterprises have one or several Activu Video Walls. Utilities, Transportation Agencies, Emergency Operations, Governments, Military and DoD (US Department of Defense) collaborate in Control Rooms and breakout rooms, crisis rooms, or huddle spaces to monitor operations and specific critical incidents.

Activu is has been designing, building, and supporting Video Walls in Control Rooms and Command Centers and SCIFs for more than 30 years.

What large Displays, Audio-Visual components, and Video Controllers (A/V) do Activu Video Walls use?

Pictured: A video wall display. composed of multiple displays, tiled together, with many sources of information being viewed by a control room team.
A video wall display.

An Activu Video Wall is a group of video displays—like monitors, projection cubes TVs, flatscreen LCDs, and direct view LEDs—mounted together in a Control Room to form a continuous image, driven by a video controller. An Activu Video Wall will often allow multiple pieces of visual information to be “visualized” together, by sub-segmenting the Activu Video Wall, allowing information to be tiled in the space.

Activu practically invented the Control Room Video Wall. From the company’s beginnings in 1983 as Imtech, whether working with NASDAQ on the very first massive MarketSite Activu video wall, or innovating in government SCIFs requiring the very highest levels of security, Activu has gathered expertise designing and building large collaborative Video Walls, powered by video controllers, longer than any other firm.

Visability is the software platform from Activu, which empowers people to place any piece of visual content anywhere on an Activu Video Wall, with other content from any source on the network.

Pictured: A video wall display. composed of multiple displays, tiled together, with many sources of information being viewed by a control room team.
A video wall display

The visual content Activu visability helps display on an Activu Video Wall includes anything visual that people use to do their job in a Control Room: One, to hundreds, or thousands of real-time live video streaming feeds, screen shares and screen captures from PCs and workstations, SCADA and other specialized applications, dashboards, web pages and app windows, monitoring software, documents, images and video files, maps and schematics. Basically any Source that can be seen on a digital display can be viewed real-time in high-resolution 4k or 8k quality on an Activu Video Wall from Activu.

A recent innovation, pioneered exclusively by Activu, is the Virtual Video Wall, which employs all the utility of an Activu Video Wall inside a virtual Space that can easily be shared and collaborated by team members remotely, whether they are in the Control Room, another location, or even on mobile.

The vis/ability Desktop application, for managing and collaborating in video walls inside and outside the control room.

Another exclusive Activu advancement turns any dumb display into a Smart Video Wall, using Activu visability. Now, when visability recognizes critical alarm conditions from connected applications, like ServiceNow, Splunk, or ThousandEyes, and others, Activu’s platform instantly changes Video Wall and workstation content to display what is most relevant to that alert. Without any operator action, and without any delay to look for relevant sources of information, the visability Control Room automatically reconfigures to prepare teams with information most relevant to their most pressing challenges.

Due to the need for Control Rooms to operate 24/7/365, it is imperative that Activu Video Walls are comprised of high-quality components that will last for years and years under these harsh operating conditions, and are backed by a trusted warranty and support service. Professional-grade displays, made specifically for Control Rooms, include those from well-regarded manufacturers like Planar and Daktronics. If you are interested in knowing more about how Control Rooms integrate new and existing displays from Planar, Daktronics, Samsung, LG, Sony, Dell, or any other, please contact Activu and we will help you review the details of any displays in your project.

How can Activu Video Wall content be used in Breakout Rooms and Conference Rooms?

Pictured: A conference room with a flatscreen display, adjacent to a control room and video wall.
A conference room with display, adjacent to a control room and video wall.

Sometimes, teams need to use a Activu Video Wall to work a critical problem in a more intimate team environment, while the command center focuses on other monitoring and activities. For these situations, breakout rooms and conference rooms with Control Room-like Video Walls are imperative to ensure the people who need critical information have access to it no matter where they convene and collaborate outside the control room.

Visability-enabled displays in breakout rooms and conference rooms work just like the large Video Walls more familiar to a Control Room, and allow more intimate collaboration with experts, executives, and constituents from around the organization, outside the Control Room. Visability allows teams to use a conference room display as a Video Wall, whether one or multiple, exactly as they would in a Control Room. This ensures that anyone who needs to see, share, and respond to real-time critical information, is able to do so instantly, and seamlessly, wherever they are.

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