Access any real-time visual information source, like cameras, applications, dashboards, & more.

Systems that make collaboration effortless, within the control room or across agencies.

PTZ Camera Control enables an instant presence anywhere on the video network.

Drones and mobile device integration deliver eyes in the sky and on the ground.

Event-Driven Visual Intelligence for timely & efficient operations and reduced time to clear hazards.

Flexible visual intelligence, in motion

Traffic & Departments of Transportation

Activu visability efficiently integrates and manages the many systems, cameras, and brands often found in roads management control rooms.

While visability can easily display and cycle thousands of realtime camera video feeds simultaneously, the real power of the platform is how it automatically surfaces critical incidents and their related cameras and visual intelligence, without needing thousands of cameras viewable constantly.

TMCs using visability see reduced time-to-clear and less operator fatigue in the control room.

Public Transportation, Buses, & Rail

Few operations are as information- and communication-intense as public transportation and transit.

With thousands of vehicles and personnel working to tight schedules and timeframes, visability removes communication and collaboration barriers, creating a seamless and ordered view of realtime visual information on the network.

Combine maps, documents, applications, screen captures and more, while sharing all of it in dynamic virtual video walls across desktops and locations, while discussing it in the platform, in realtime, over VOIP.

Shipping & Ports

Efficient operations, order systems, personnel, and high security converge in logistics and port operations. Activu visability is uniquely suited to integrate visual intelligence for any one of these disciplines, and bring them together into fusion centers that oversee the most timely and critical aspects of an operation.

Whether one location, or a global mission, visability seamlessly combines any visual content into unlimited, refined, concise dashboards sharable to control room displays, desktops, remote users, other locations, or mobile devices.

Airlines & Airports

The rapidly changing world of air travel has stressed traditional systems beyond their designs. Activu visability puts operators and decision-makers back in control, with automated visual intelligence that combines operations monitoring apps with security information for the most timely and useful situational awareness available anywhere.

Airports have evolved into their own form of smart city, and require the same integration of operations and security monitoring that a large city agency does. Activu visability is uniquely designed to meet this need for function and reliability.

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Event-Driven Visual Intelligence for Road Monitoring and Traffic Management

Click to play video: visability plugin for Waze integrates crowdsourced traffic alerting with Event-Driven Visual Intelligence in the control room.

Using visability with a traffic management app integration, TMCs can be automatically alerted to nascent, anomalous traffic events through data sources such as Waze, Here, or an ATMS.

Combine Camera Manufacturers Seamlessly

Visability talks to, controls, and displays all the cameras on the network, in one cohesive, sharable interface on the display wall, or virtually to workstations and other locations.

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