“…One of the most disruptive players in the industry. Thanks to its unique value proposition… a sophisticated solution… and a well-established, popular brand… Activu leads the market.”

Future Source Reports

The Right Information, When & Where Needed

  • The most unique & flexible solution for control rooms & critical operations.
  • View, share, & collaborate information of any type on any device–display walls, workstations, remote laptops, or mobile devices.
  • Reliable clustering and redundancy, via mirroring.
  • The only on-premise solution certified for use in highly secure environments, including the United States government.
  • Integrated permissions management: the right people focus on the right information.
  • Visability Cloud: unparalleled flexibility to quickly & easily deploy a situational-awareness solution anywhere.
  • Seamlessly work around a realtime common operating picture in the control room, and remotely around the world.

Control Room Wall Control

  • The most Intuitive, Flexible, Feature rich wall control on the market.
  • Organize information easily based on specific user needs.
  • Easily create Layouts and Templates based on user needs.
  • Organize, place and even move information across multiple video walls.

Collaboration & Sharing

  • Organize information assets in easily accessible, searchable Spaces.
  • Support for virtually any information source type.
  • Share Spaces among users.
  • Share Spaces securely outside the network, via a password-protected link, viewable in a web browser.

Custom Dashboards

  • Spaces: Virtualized, realtime, persistent containers of any visual content.
  • Display anywhere.
  • Share and discuss using chat, voice, & live whiteboarding.

Integrate with IT Monitoring

  • Connect visability to existing IT and Cyber Monitoring platforms.
  • Separate signal from noise; only see what’s critical, when it’s critical.
  • Automate how you see critical monitoring information, grouped with related visual dashboards, apps, and more.
  • Receive alerts when critical things happen, via text, email, and more.

Alerting & Event-Driven Visual Intelligence

  • Connect the apps you monitor, to automate your common operating picture.
  • Integrate with popular IT Monitoring and Cyber Security platforms, without additional development or hardware.
  • Capture Incidents & alerts, and automatically distribute to people & screens, instantly.

Control Room Automation

Connect visability to a growing list of monitoring and informational platforms