When Morris County began to plan for a new emergency management facility that knew it would include two major control rooms: the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) serving as a combination 911 call center and dispatch room for 23 local towns’ police, fire and emergency medical services and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) a large-scale emergency and event command center to activated during major events.  The ECC would have to provide a single view of all emergency activity going on in the county.  The EOC would need to be a center that could easily handle a large-scale emergency event while having the ability to see the entire situation and act intelligently based on the facts.


Morris County chose Activu to help them see the big picture during daily operations or major events, share critical intelligence with other agencies and ultimately respond to events.


In the ECC, Activu aggregates information (the number of 911 calls being processed, the status of the radio systems, a summary of open events and the GPS locations of emergency vehicles throughout the county) where operators can see the big picture with a quick glance; the same information is shared to the work areas of the ECC supervisor, operations manager, chief of telecommunications and the ECC director. During major events, representatives of the police, fire, EMS, utility companies, human services agencies, the National Guard, and political leadership sitting in the EOC have a complete view of the common operating picture on the main video wall.  The same big picture can be shared to two breakout rooms, a situation room and supervisors’ offices outside of the EOC allowing people beyond the EOC ability to view the entire situation.

About Activu

Vis/ability makes any information visible, collaborative, and proactive for people tasked with monitoring critical operations. Users of the platform see, share, and respond to events in real time, with context, to improve incident response, decision-making, and management. Activu software, solutions, and services benefit the daily lives of billions of people around the globe. Founded in 1983 as the first U.S.-based company to develop command center visualization technology, more than 1,300 control rooms depend on Activu.