Activu: The most trusted name in energy control rooms

Control Room Design & Implementation

Backed by 40 years of video wall and collaboration expertise, Activu has designed and built more control rooms for utilities than anyone else in our market.


Generation, Transmission, & Distribution Operations

Securely display and collaborate with any content.

Used by more U.S. utilities than any other control room platform.

SCADA Integrations

More utilities trust Activu than any other brand, for their visualization systems. Activu’s platform for control rooms, visability, displays content from any SCADA, dashboard, or camera system, on video walls, in conference rooms, workstations, and remote devices.

visability enables you to Isolate SCADA from the network while viewing it with networked resources.

Fully NERC/CIP Compliant

visability is the only NERC/CIP video wall and collaboration platform which is also approved for the U.S. government’s top security facilities.

Activu Corporation is ISO 27001 Certified.

Visability from Activu is 100% developed in the United States.

Active-Active Disaster Recovery & Remote Location Backup.

Be ready for surprises—seamlessly move operations from one control room to another, without needing to reconfigure or re-setup.

Because visability is software, all preferences, layouts, apps, screens, cameras, and SCADA views are saved for use, wherever you operate; even virtually and remote.

Share and collaborate with any source in any destination.


Merchant Operations

Real-time market information, organized, sharable, and at your fingertips, wherever you are.


Monitor fuel prices, fuel availability, construction costs, news & fixed costs.


Monitor economic activity, news, weather, & consumption efficiency.


Price changes & volatility in real-time.


The consolidated view of your energy ecosystem

Software+ Software+Desktop Video Wall Display

Generation, Transmission, & Distribution

Control of all assets, resources and market conditions, outage management + mitigation, and sustainability.

Beyond-the-Meter Analytic Dashboard: commercial buildings, residential, industrial, agriculture.

Cooperative Electric Utilities

An intelligent asset-management and analytics solution, right-sized for your operation. Upgrade to the same powerful collaboration and video wall functionality as larger utilities, without refitting your control room.

DERM Solutions

Gain a higher level of ROI, managing all energy assets to optimal operation through multidirectional networks that support two-way energy flows.

PSPM Solutions

Intelligent power management through advanced analytics, using real-time & historical data. Threshold alerts, probabilities, & notifications keep you ahead of power grid incidents.

Microgrid Solutions

Decrease reliance on centralized power sources with ecosystem-wide visibility and control.


IT & Network

Gain a new vision and insights into your network operations and security posture. Combine dashboards from any systems into one or multiple useful views, and use it anywhere: video walls, conference rooms, or any remote device.

Faster Incident Resolution

Connect your common operating picture to a growing suite of monitoring and operations platforms. Automate instant awareness of the most critical information when it matters most.