Seamless Situational Awareness:

New Event Management, Mobile Video Streaming, Zoom Meetings, and Active Shooter Recognition, via Omnilert Integration.

Automated Visual Gun Detection.

Enhancing visability‘s value in physical security control rooms, Activu has added the Omnilert™ gun detection video analytics platform to the platform. When a person with a gun is recognized by the Omnilert platform, Link can collect live video, still images, and precise geolocation on web maps and deliver this information directly to visability endpoints—Users, Spaces, Displays—allowing the right authority to take swift action when needed. 

Mobile & Remote Enhancements

visability Web Client

Web Client, an optional component of the visability platform, provides the ability for authorized web users to load layouts on displays, browse, view, and interact with visability Sources and Action Panels directly inside a web browser, without the need to install additional software..   

With visability 6.6, it is possible to stream live video from web client to the visability system, directly from the browser interface, and view live streams anywhere within the system, including in Spaces, on Video Walls, Desktop Client, or on another Web Client. Alternately, Web Client users can upload photos & video clips directly to the system. Uploaded content is automatically categorized by the date, time, and location the media was captured. 

Web Client supports web-enabled computers & mobile devices running Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, ChromeOS, iOS, or Android operating systems with a connected camera and microphone.

Streaming Event Management

Web Client helps field personnel enhance situational awareness around ongoing operational activity, streaming live video and audio while “on location,” directly into the visability platform.

Through visability‘s Web Client, a “streaming event” can be mapped to multiple actions:

  1. Placing the real-time video onto a video wall,
  2. Sending notifications and a link to live video, to specific users or groups of users,
  3. Generating a Space with the user video and a map centered around the event location.

With visability, there is limitless potential to configure and deploy the precise communication strategy needed for any type of event, and for even broader integration, webhooks can be sent to third party platforms for further processing and functionality

Into Your Common Operating Picture

Zoom meetings can be added to a video wall through a simple widget interface where the video wall joins the call, including associated camera audio/video. Zoom Meeting widgets can be saved with recurring meeting IDs, allowing Zoom meetings to be saved and recalled in visability Layouts, while the same Zoom Meeting widget can be added to multiple video walls simultaneously.

Additional Refinements

Thumbnails & Preview

Browsing Layouts and Spaces now includes detailed thumbnail images, ensuring that users can easily choose the right content for their purposes.

New Template Mode Toggle

When a Template is active on a Display Node, windows are fixed into numbered positions, ensuring precise and consistent placement of Source content. This enables simple drag-and-drop swapping of Sources contained in template positions. It is now possible to quickly toggle Template modes when Source windows are tiled on a video wall, ensuring organizing complex content is even more simple and efficient.

CameraSync: automated synchronization with VMS platforms

The visability platform is integrated with all top-tier VMS platforms, such as Genetec, Avigilon, Intellicene, and Milestone, among others.  With the optional CameraSync module, automated synchronization of camera databases allows the visability system to stay up-to-date—without the need for additional administrative support—saving time, money, and ensuring that the visability platform is reliably up to date.

Multiple Web Portals

The visability platform now supports multiple Web Portals attached to a system, with the ability to choose which Web Portal a Space is published to. This enhancement allows users to seamlessly support multiple audience constituencies simultaneously.

Direct-Captured Source Distribution

Baseband inputs to Display Nodes (HDMI, DP, DVI) can be configured as encoded video streams and made available to any end point in the visability platform: Desktops, Spaces, or Displays. This update frees direct inputs from being limited to the Display Node they are connected to.