The visability interface and experience revolves around a central Hub, docked to the side of a user’s screen. Activu’s visability is the only command center collaboration platform that brings all networked assets together into one simple, organized, drag-and-drop list.

No programming or specialists are needed to change the content on video walls. Just choose from the Hub, and drag it to the wall

Move content on video walls effortlessly, what you see on the workstation is what is displayed on the control room video wall.

Place sharable containers of content (called Spaces) on walls, and collaborate with other users.

Save templates for easy content switching.

Interact with documents, websites, & screen shares on the wall and in Spaces.

All Your Video Wall and Control Room Resources in One Place

Automate Wall and Space Content to Change When Critical Events Happen

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Share Realtime Content Outside the Control Room Via Web Browser

In this example, real-time control room content is being shared via URL, and viewed live on a device running a different OS, outside the control room.