Despite being recognized repeatedly as a Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3®), Marietta Power wasn’t content to rest on its laurels. When the Georgia-based utility began planning a new control room to improve system operations and enhance service, they recognized that they needed a control room visualization solution that would create a common operational picture; one that allowed operators in the Power Control Center to monitor necessary data points generated from their SCADA, outage management system, weather monitoring system, security cameras and other systems.


The utility went window shopping at several utilities, quickly focusing on the systems they found most impressive.  In the end they chose Activu’s software-based solution to monitor critical operations, as it allowed them to see, share, and respond to events in real time, delivering the context needed to resolve the issue and restore power.


Using Activu’s software-based solution, the staff in the utility’s Power Control Center can monitor those data points important to them during normal operations and events. Situational awareness is extended, making it easy to send information to those who need to see it; for example, during an event the mayor and city council can come in and monitor and view information from the control room in a nearby conference room without disturbing operations.  With the ability to easily view and share information, the utility can quickly respond and restore service to customers.

About Activu

Vis/ability makes any information visible, collaborative, and proactive for people tasked with monitoring critical operations. Users of the platform see, share, and respond to events in real time, with context, to improve incident response, decision-making, and management. Activu software, solutions, and services benefit the daily lives of billions of people around the globe. Founded in 1983 as the first U.S.-based company to develop command center visualization technology, more than 1,300 control rooms depend on Activu.