The visability Platform enables SOC, NOC, GSOC, & Fusion Center teams to:

  • Respond better to important alerts deemed critical to the organization.
  • Significantly reduce time to resolution.

Company Background

HardwareCOTS Hardwareoften proprietaryvaries
SoftwareDeveloped in-house, active roadmapvaries / minimalno
Support & Software Upgrades24/7, Free Updatesvariesvaries
Video Wall ManagementStandardvaries
Control Room CollaborationReal-Timevariesno
Collaboration via Web BrowserAnywherenono
Enterprise CollaborationAny screen, any devicenono
Enterprise Tool IntegrationAutomate with any APInono
Ease of useNo specialists neededvariesvaries
37+ years experienceCreated the modern video wall industrynono

Control Room Automation

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