Whether a SaaS platform or a locally installed application, share and collaborate with one or many people and devices. Learn more
From a few workstations, to thousands, Activu vis/ability is most effective when running on all desktops that need to collaborate. Learn more
Combine Camera Manufacturers Seamlessly; control, and display all cameras on the network in one cohesive, sharable interface. Learn more
Securely access any of the monitoring platforms on the network, and seamlessly share them without the need to expose login credentials. Learn more

How it works.

Information sources across the network of a modern digital organization are varied and voluminous.
Activu vis/ability gathers your most important information into containers where you can see it at a glance. All in one place.

No series of logins. No links to go look for.

Untethered from screens, these containers can be shared and collaborated with anyone on the network.
Share, view, and interact with content anywhere...
And any place, on, or outside your network.
Making deep information more easily accessible than ever, vis/ability automatically adds substance to critical alert signals from your monitoring applications.