An Activu Next-Gen SOC

is the only solution bringing Smart Sharing, Virtual Control Rooms, and Hardware-Light access to any Resource on the network.

The Activu Next-Gen Control Room Stack

Powered by software: Less wires, No proprietary hardware, and MORE Functional.

Viewing & Interaction

Remote Devices
Mobile Devices
Conference Rooms
Video Walls






User Permissioning


Monitoring Applications
Any Real-Time Visual Content
External Sources
External Devices
Comm Tools


The End of Old A/V Control Rooms

Old A/V: Miles of wires + Proprietary black boxes + silo’d for experts only.

Old A/V: Too much hardware and too little flexibility.

The End of Limited Functionality & Hardware Lock-in

Too much hardware and too little flexibility. That’s what you got in the old A/V-centric concept for a control room and video wall.

Activu Executive Summaries


Activu software, systems, and services benefit the daily lives of billions of people around the globe. Founded in 1983, Activu was the first US-based company to develop command center visualization technology. More than 1,300 control rooms, monitoring, security & operations centers depend on Activu.


Vis/ability is the software platform for control centers, that makes any information visible, collaborative, and proactive for people who manage critical operations and incidents. Vis/ability users automatically see, share, and respond to events in real-time, with context, to improve incident response, decision-making, and management.


Vis/ability connects the apps monitored by critical operations, to automate their common operating picture. Leading I.T., security, and infrastructure teams and organizations use vis/ability to separate signal from noise while automatically raising awareness, securely, across the organization.

Web Portal

Share Realtime Content Outside the Control Room. Vis/ability® Web Portal extends the control room to any device or user with a web browser. Share a vis/ability Space of web dashboards, live IP video streams, desktop shared content, widgets, images, or media, to a real-time link that can be viewed securely, with no additional software to install.



At the core of an Activu Next-Gen Control Room, Activu’s vis/ability software bundles any video streams, internal or external devices, apps, and resources into an organized, dynamic view of the entire operation, made sharable and interactive on video walls, workstations, conference rooms, remote, and mobile devices.

Control Room Design

With over 35 years of experience designing and implementing video walls and control rooms, Activu is the recognized authority in command center design.* From patented solutions to a history of developing and installing the very first video walls, Activu brings more expertise to each complex project than any other firm.

Case Studies