The consolidated view of your energy ecosystem.

For Utilities, Airports, Hospitals, & more. Case Study Video

Software Platform
Control Room Software
Desktop Video Wall Display

Next-generation technologies & tools that enable measurable value through:

New & Increased Revenues

DERM capabilities & transactive energy.

Decreased Cost

Predictive & prescriptive maintenance, asset optimization, and extended asset life.

Regulatory Compliance

Risk mitigation & ESG.

Save money & mitigate risk.

Connect complex physical assets to your operational picture through , and gain actionable clarity from your existing energy infrastructure. The ENX Energy Platform, brings together multi-source and IoT data with AI analysis, control, and visualization, offering unparalleled opportunities in financial & risk management.

Case Study:

EnXchange: Virtual Power Plants, Digital Twins, and a More Connected World

Real-time situational awareness.

View your enterprise using ENX vis/ability’s graph database, which exposes previously-hidden relationships between data, assets, structures and people. Gain a single view of assets, life cycle and depreciation schedules.


for Utilities

Investor-Owned Utilities

Cooperative Utilities

Public/Municipal Utilities

Transmission & Distribution

Beyond-the-Meter Analytic Dashboard: commercial buildings, residential, industrial, agriculture.

Power Generation

Control of all assets, resources and market conditions, outage management + mitigation, and sustainability.

Cooperative Electric Utilities

An intelligent asset-management and analytics solution, right-sized for your operation.

DERM Solutions

Gain a higher level of ROI, managing all energy assets to optimal operation through multidirectional networks that support two-way energy flows.

PSPM Solutions

Intelligent power management through advanced analytics, using real-time & historical data. Threshold alerts, probabilities, & notifications keep you ahead of power grid incidents.


Distributed Energy
Resource Management

Load Modeling/

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

Virtual Power Plant

Take control of the energy chain.

Increased Reliability

Resiliency across your ecosystem.

Microgrid Monitoring/

IoT Devices and more.

DER Siting/Sizing

Analyze, use and predict future patterns.


Public Safety
Power Management

Data Integration

Data science & analysis from multiple sources.

360-Degree Views

Real-time & historical weather & grid conditions.

Fire Risk Warning

Heat maps, radar, & sensor data enable advanced warning for safety decisions.

Critical Load Management

Automate downline generation.

Power Shutoff Notification

Messaging & dashboards keep users & stakeholders informed.


Microgrid Solutions for Public & Private Organizations

Drive revenue and decrease costs using existing energy infrastructure.





Real Estate

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX with load modeling

Analyze and predict future patterns with DER siting/sizing

Resiliency across your ecosystem

Virtual Power Plants