ActivCare is a new suite of service offerings, including proactive analysis, monitoring, and maintenance.

Rockaway, NJ (May 4, 2023) – Activu today announced ActivCare, a new, comprehensive support offering that optimizes control rooms and video wall systems for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and uptime. ActivCare adds new, standard and optional services for Activu visability control center SOCs, GSOCs, NOCs, TMCs, EOCs, RTCCs, and AOCs.

Initially, ActivCare customers can choose a system utilization analysis, which establishes their operations’ technical and usage baseline. With this clearer picture, Activu’s experts can optimize control room environments and leverage the power of Activu’s visability software platform to enhance operations through automated incident response, collaboration, and mobile capabilities.

Users of visability can now gain a real-time view into their systems no matter the complexity. Nexus is Activu’s web interface for comprehensive, platform-wide system monitoring, now provided standard for every visability customer enrolled in ActivCare. Nexus, from Activu, enables system administrators to monitor all computers in a visability system as well as the visability resources installed on those machines providing complete system observability, and better administration and management.

ActivCare also offers an option for 24 by 7 remote monitoring and maintenance services, in which Activu monitors the health of the visability system, and proactively takes preventative actions to ensure system uptime.

Visability software version upgrades are standard for ActivCare customers, whether installed on-site or in the cloud. This ensures critical operations are always up-to-date, and users continue to have access to the newest platform capabilities and innovations. Comprehensive remote training is also standard for all support tiers, including a growing library of training materials. Teams with more specialized needs can also opt to schedule in-person and multi-day training sessions.

“As control rooms become more sophisticated, they require a new level of support to ensure they operate efficiently and effectively,” said Justin Gross, Director of Professional Services at Activu. “ActivCare provides proactive maintenance and support to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their systems, and peace of mind that their critical operations remain optimized and reliable.”

ActivCare is available now. Learn more at

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