Realtime traffic & road safety data, collected from drivers using apps like Waze, is a critical asset for traffic managers responding to and clearing incidents quickly.
Activu Link for Traffic streams the most relevant maps & cameras of latest crowdsourced incidents to video walls & control room workflows, automating the customized visibility of road conditions as they happen.

  • Automatically stream realtime traffic incidents to control room video walls as they happen.
  • Custom filter & see the most relevant traffic incidents.
  • View nearby camera feeds, automatically positioned toward the incident.
  • Share all of it securely with remote teams and users, outside the control room

Join Activu for a look at the Activu Link plugin for Traffic, and a tour of vis|ability, the collaborative visual operating picture for critical intelligence, teams, & essential organizations.

About Activu

Vis/ability makes any information visible, collaborative, and proactive for people tasked with monitoring critical operations. Users of the platform see, share, and respond to events in real time, with context, to improve incident response, decision-making, and management. Activu software, solutions, and services benefit the daily lives of billions of people around the globe. Founded in 1983 as the first U.S.-based company to develop command center visualization technology, more than 1,300 control rooms depend on Activu.