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video wall



Intelligent Visualization

Assimilates all visual information into a

Common Operating Picture

emergency management



Intelligent Visualization

Evolves the Common Operating Picture

as the situation changes

emergency response



Intelligent Visualization

Creates Optimal Situational Awareness

in the control room & collaboration beyond

command center



Intelligent Visualization

Enables secure, real-time collaboration

between the command center and the field

Activu Recruits Command and Control Visualization Expert John Stark to Lead Product Management - Posted 04.16.14 Activu to Exhibit Intelligent Video Wall Solutions at the New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Associat... - Posted 04.15.14 Activu to Exhibit Video Wall Software Solutions at 2014 ACS Customer Conference - Posted 04.10.14

Activu is a software and services company specializing in designing and building network based, large-scale visualization and collaboration systems connecting decision makers across the enterprise and beyond. Our network based visualization solutions enable the sharing and analysis of real-time visual information on video walls, desktops and mobile devices creating a Common Operating Picture, improving Situational Awareness and accelerating and optimizing decision making. Activu solutions have been broadly deployed in military command centers, network operation centers (NOC), security operation centers (SOC),transit & traffic management centers (TMC), emergency operations centers (EOC) and energy & utility control rooms, globally.