Scalability, Security, & Supportability, Combined with Increased Performance.

More accessible, on any device’s web browser, inside or outside the control room.

Version 6.5 offers a web-based user interface—implemented with modern, responsive design—supporting desktop and mobile device use (Mac, PC/Windows, iOS, Android).

Web client provides the ability to view nearly any Source in the vis|ability platform, including live Spaces. Additionally, web client offers the ability to control Network Sources via built-in soft-KVM, and to load layouts on Video Walls, directly from the web interface.

Introducing Nexus, visability’s admin control room.

Nexus replaces the previous core communication and collaboration modules and removes reliance on open source technologies. This increases system performance—scaling to more users per server—and removes reliance on technologies that could impact platform security.


Logging access is centralized to the same comprehensive Nexus web interface, allowing for collection of system and component software logs, with advanced filtering to zero in an activities of interest (for forensic auditing around an event, for example). Management of log levels across the platform have also been centralized.

System Monitoring

The Nexus web interface includes comprehensive platform-wide system monitoring, with the ability to monitor all computers (machines) in a visability system, and all the visability components installed on those machines. Complete system observability and specialized presentation of critical configuration information allows for better management of installs & resources.

More connected to the REST of the enterprise.

Version 6.5 offers a modern REST API that is destined to replace the current primary programmatic interface for third-party integrations. This makes visability faster and more efficient to integrate with popular monitoring and observability platforms in the control room and across the enterprise

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