Automate the organized display of cameras & content, as incidents first develop.

A.I. Visual gun detection & critical collaboration for Real-Time Crime Centers & Emergency Operations.

Identify threats, seamlessly,
within your common
operating picture.

Omnilert Gun Detect, integrated
with Activu visability, is the only Command Center platform anywhere which proactively identifies threats while maintaining superior context within a command center.

Any visual information, documents, video, dashboards and more can be grouped with Omnilert gun detection alerts in vis|ability, to ensure teams coordinate responses with high intelligence and high confidence.

Automate dashboards of critical information before an event occurs.

Omnilert Gun Detect in visability takes readiness to new levels with smart video walls and virtual command centers. Team fatigue is reduced through use of Omnilert’s AI-powered, always-on monitoring of gun threats, combined with dashboard automation enabled exclusively through vis|ability. Together, these platforms keep vigilant watch over areas of interest, and when a threat is detected, instantly configure video walls and alert key teams with dashboards of situational intelligence from Omnilert, along with other relevant information.

Share real-time
monitoring and threat
information to remote and mobile assets.

What good is real-time information if its stuck in a control room on a video wall? vis|ability opens your common operating picture to collaborating teams, wherever they are: workstations, conference rooms, remote, and mobile. Share Omnilert intelligence, combined in dashboards of additional relevant information, simultaneously to teams on site and at the command center.


How Omnilert Gun Detect Works in visability

Omnilert Gun Detect taps into existing cameras to identify hand guns and long guns 24/7.

visability recognizes the alert condition and instantly reconfigures video walls, displays, and even camera directions, to alert teams with custom dashboards.


Automated visual gun detection.

A leader and innovator in Emergency Communications since 2004, Omnilert is now the only technology platform to integrate visual gun detection for gun violence prevention and public safety. Omnilert’s proprietary technology can identify guns in a wide range of environments, from dimly lit hallways to crowded outdoor spaces.

Unlike simplistic image recognition, Omnilert Gun Detect offers a multi-step verification process that recognizes a body, then looks for a gun and the physical behavior consistent with gun violence. Omnilert is a critical resource helping secure schools, office buildings, government facilities, and more.