vis/ability AIS Connect

Customize control of Activu vis/ability through the Q-SYS touch panel

Users of Q-SYS can now easily access the programming interface of the vis/ability Platform.

vis/ability AIS Connect is a plugin that connects Q-SYS systems to Activu’s Interface Server (AIS).

To get started, the user provides a vis/ability login, and once configured, can send command strings via Activu’s SDK directly from the Q-SYS touch panel to any screen where it has access.

AIS Connect enables organizations and developers to create user-friendly interoperability and functions using both the Q-SYS and vis/ability platforms.

Some examples

vis/ability users collaborate and share critical, real-time visual information, video feeds, documents, and apps on any screen in the organization. AIS Connect enables these vis/ability functions for users of Q-SYS to integrate into their applications and interfaces. Use these functions and more:

Load Layouts

Clear Video Walls

Add Sources

Change Viewscreens

Run Custom Scripts