Seamless mission-clarity, in real-time, and on the APL

Limitless control room A/V flexibility

SCIF-ready solutions & support

Reduce failure points, increase efficiency

Trusted by these customers and more

Don’t let
your A/V
control YOU.

Activu frees control rooms from outdated hardware-based A/V solutions.

A/V Via Software (AVIAS) is the most flexible method to collaborate in the control room and beyond.

Change your view of situational awareness instantly, without experts or extra hardware.

Incorporate multiple sources of information seamlessly: desktops, dashboards, maps, cameras, and more


Activu Federal Solutions Group has been an approved contractor working in sensitive environments for decades.


Activu is the only AVIAS (A/V Via Software) solution accredited and on the APL.


1000s of control rooms rely on Activu, touching every aspect of modern life & security.

The Seamless Critical Environment

Activu Systems are implemented in multiple domains.


USAF has many locations that use fully redundant equipment on multiple networks that have the ability to share visual data to multiple spaces including datawalls, remote desktops, conference rooms, and other facilities.

DHS has multiple locations that monitor everything from Social Media to Air Traffic Control and World events.  They not only work on localized events but also focus on protecting government networks.


USAF ISR teams are able to manage their own intelligence and video information, securely, based on who needs to see the information.

Border Security

CBP uses Activu for full situational awareness including localized missions, cyber threats, and media driven issues.

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